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Title: Creature in a Fish Tank


“Creature in a Fish Tank” is a mysterious and suspenseful short film that centers around Joseph, a man who stumbles upon a peculiar and enigmatic creature in a pet shop. Intrigued by the creature, he decides to purchase it and takes it home to care for it in a small fish tank. As time passes, the creature grows at an alarming rate, forcing Joseph to continuously upgrade its habitat. As the creature’s size and strangeness increase, Joseph’s life becomes increasingly consumed by it. The film explores the consequences of obsession and the unknown as Joseph’s interactions with the creature take an eerie and unexpected turn.

Number of Characters: 4

  • Joseph
  • shopkeeper
  • Mike
  • Voice of QVC Commercials

Number of Locations: 6

  • Pet Shop Entrance
  • Fish Tank Room in the Pet Shop
  • Joseph’s Living Room
  • Joseph’s Bedroom
  • Exterior (Outside, night)
  • Fish Tank Room in the Pet Shop (again)

Budget Estimate:

The budget estimate for “Creature in a Fish Tank” would depend on several factors, including the scale of production, location costs, talent fees, and special effects requirements. As a short film with limited locations and a small cast, the budget could range from a few thousand dollars for a minimalistic production to a higher amount if more elaborate sets and special effects are needed to portray the creature’s growth realistically.

Overall, the film’s budget would primarily be influenced by the production team’s creative decisions and resource allocation.

Title: People in a Can


In the short film “People in a Can,” four strangers find themselves trapped inside a malfunctioning elevator and its tunnel. As they desperately try to figure out a way to escape, tensions escalate, and their true selves are revealed.

Number of Characters: 4

  • Catherine – A 26-year-old Caucasian woman.
  • Richard – A 45-year-old Black man.
  • Lutz – A 92-year-old Caucasian man with a dark past.
  • Daniel – A 32-year-old Jewish gay man.

Number of Locations: 1

The entire film takes place within the confines of the elevator and the elevator tunnel, with occasional shots of the elevator’s interior and the tunnel.

Budget Estimate:

The budget for “People in a Can” would be relatively low. The film primarily requires a single set, which is the elevator, and minimal props, such as a knife, gun, and some basic lighting equipment for the underground tunnel scenes. The film’s focus is on the intense interactions between the characters, which would rely heavily on the performances of the actors. Therefore, the budget estimate for this short film would depend on factors like location costs, cast and crew fees, and equipment rental, but it would likely be in the lower range for short film productions.

Title: The Horseless Cowboy


“The Horseless Cowboy” is a poignant short film that explores themes of identity, nostalgia, and fleeting moments of connection. Richard, a 55-year-old man, awakens and embraces his cowboy persona as he dresses in full western attire. He heads to work at a McDonald’s, where he encounters a young boy named Thomas and his mother, who become unwitting catalysts in a transformative experience.

Number of Characters: 5

  • Richard (55-year-old cowboy)
  • Police Man
  • Employee
  • Woman (Thomas’s mother)
  • Thomas (5-year-old boy)

Number of Locations: 7

  • Richard’s room
  • Bus stop
  • City streets
  • McDonald’s changing room
  • McDonald’s kitchen
  • Car
  • City center street

Budget Estimate:

The budget for “The Horseless Cowboy” would depend on various factors, including the location costs, casting, crew, equipment, and post-production. Given the limited number of locations and characters, it could be produced on a moderate to low budget, with careful planning and resource allocation. The shooting schedule may be relatively short due to the concise nature of the story.

Title: The King and the Beast


“The King and the Beast” is a short film that explores themes of loneliness, redemption, and the consequences of one’s actions. Set in a mystical, old palace, the story revolves around an ancient king who has isolated himself from the world. He is plagued by guilt and a sense of emptiness, having ruled his kingdom with cruelty and indifference for many years.

Number of Characters: 3

  • The Old King – A remorseful ruler who has spent years in isolation, contemplating his past actions.
  • The Beast – A mysterious and fearsome creature that the king had created through his cruelty, now seeking justice.
  • Courage and Intelligence (Child) – Represented as abstract qualities personified, they enter the palace to confront the king.

Number of Locations: 5

  • Palace Exterior (Night)
  • King’s Chamber (Night)
  • Staircase (Night)
  • Palace Corridor (Night)
  • Palace Exterior (Day)

Budget Estimate:

The film could be made as an animation film to capture the fantastical and otherworldly elements effectively. The animation would allow for creative freedom in depicting the decaying palace, the fearsome Beast, and the abstract qualities of Courage and Intelligence. The budget would depend on the style of animation chosen and the complexity of the visuals, but a moderate budget would suffice to create a visually stunning and emotionally impactful short film.

Title: A Man and his Cat


“A Man and his Cat” is a heartwarming and comedic animated film that tells the story of Rupert, an elderly man who secretly befriends a stray cat despite his wife’s strong aversion to felines. Rupert’s daily visits to a nearby park lead him to a special bond with a playful kitten. To keep the cat hidden from his wife, Rupert feeds and cares for it in secret, but as the cat grows larger, it becomes increasingly challenging to keep his furry friend concealed. When Rupert goes on a quest to find food for the cat during a holiday, his wife, Ophelia, discovers the secret in their closet. However, what follows is a surprising and delightful twist that changes Rupert’s life forever.

Number of Characters: 3

  • Rupert – The elderly protagonist who secretly befriends the cat.
  • Ophelia – Rupert’s wife, who despises cats.
  • The Cat (unnamed) – The playful and mysterious cat who brings joy to Rupert’s life.

Number of Locations: 2

  • Rupert and Ophelia’s Home – The main setting where the story unfolds, including the closet where Rupert hides the cat.
  • Nearby Park – The park where Rupert first encounters the cat.

Budget Estimate:

This film could be produced as an animated feature film, which would allow for creative flexibility and potentially reduce costs compared to a live-action production. The budget estimate would depend on the level of animation quality and the studio chosen for the project.

The budget would cover expenses related to animation, character design, voice acting, sound design, music composition, script development, marketing, and distribution.

Title: Multiverse


“Multiverse” is a psychological thriller short film that follows Wendy, a young woman who decides to take a vacation in the mountains with her friends after a traumatic loss. She seeks therapy to cope with her grief but is plagued by unsettling events during her trip.

Number of Characters: 10

  • Wendy (main character)
  • Wendy’s grandmother
  • Lucy (a child)
  • Mark (Lucy’s father)
  • Wendy’s friends (Charles, Richard, Rod, Shelley)
  • Psychologist
  • Old Man
  • Taxi Driver
  • Villagers (Villager 1 and Villager 2)

Number of Locations: 8

  • Psychiatrist’s office
  • Wendy’s home
  • Village street
  • Snack bar
  • Bus station
  • Various rooms at the Stone Inn (dining room, corridor, Wendy’s room, Rod and Shelley’s room, Charles’s room, chanting room)
  • Forest
  • Truck

Budget Estimate:

The budget for “Multiverse” would depend on various factors, including the shooting location, cast and crew fees, equipment, and production design. Given the multiple locations and characters involved, a modest budget would be required to ensure the film’s quality.

A rough estimate could range from $20,000 to $50,000, considering costs for filming equipment, props, costumes, makeup, special effects (for the eerie elements), transportation, and post-production expenses like editing, sound design, and music composition. Additionally, costs for actors, director, and crew would need to be considered.

Ultimately, the budget would need to be tailored to the specific needs and resources available for the production of “Multiverse.”

Title: Madly in Love


Synopsis: “Madly in Love” is a psychological drama that delves into the complex relationship between Sarah, a young woman struggling with mental health issues, and Mike, her mysterious partner. The story begins with Sarah’s desperate desire to break free from her reliance on medication and regain control of her life. However, when Mike suddenly disappears without explanation, Sarah’s world unravels. Her twin sister, Anna, becomes her lifeline, attempting to uncover the truth behind Mike’s departure. As Sarah’s mental state deteriorates, she becomes convinced that Mike’s love for her is the key to her salvation. When a psychiatric institution intervenes, the film takes an unexpected turn, challenging the audience’s perception of love, reality, and mental illness.

Number of Characters: 4

  • Sarah (28-year-old woman)
  • Mike (30-year-old man)
  • Anna (Sarah’s twin sister)
  • Man from psychiatric institution

Number of Locations: 4

  • Living Room
  • Bedroom
  • Balcony
  • Outside the Apartment

Budget Estimate:

The budget for “Madly in Love” would largely depend on various factors such as the location of production, the caliber of actors hired, and the overall production values desired. However, given the limited number of characters and locations, it could be considered a low to mid-range budget film.

Title: Life Before Death


“Life Before Death” is a poignant drama that delves into the life of Roman Williams, a man who has endured immense loss and emotional turmoil. Roman is haunted by the tragic deaths of his wife, Laura, and their young son, Charlie, in a car accident. He struggles to find solace in a world that seems to have lost its color since their passing. Roman’s daily routine involves the monotony of work, dreams that transport him back to the joyous moments with his family, and a recurring question about whether there is any meaning to life before death.

One day, Roman’s frustration and dissatisfaction with his job reach a breaking point when his boss, Mr. Israel, reprimands him for his sluggish performance. Fed up with the pressures of his work and the constant reminders of his loss, Roman decides to confront Mr. Israel and declare his resignation.

As Roman navigates the depths of his despair and longing, he experiences vivid dreams of reuniting with Laura and Charlie. These dreams offer a temporary escape from his harsh reality. However, Roman’s reliance on sleeping pills to experience these dreams becomes a dangerous obsession.

The film culminates in a heart-wrenching moment where Roman is faced with a choice – to continue living in the dream world with his beloved family or confront the harsh reality that surrounds him.

Number of Characters: 8

  • Roman Williams
  • Laura Williams (Roman’s wife)
  • Charlie Williams (Roman’s son)
  • Mr. Ford (Roman’s landlord)
  • Guy (Mr. Ford’s brother)
  • Mr. Israel (Roman’s boss)
  • Secretary
  • Officer

Number of Locations: 6

  • Bus stop
  • Roman’s apartment building
  • Mr. Ford’s apartment building
  • Roman’s workplace (office)
  • Roman and Laura’s home (interior and exterior)
  • Bathroom

Budget Estimate:

This film would require a moderate budget to capture the emotional depth and dream sequences effectively. The budget would depend on various factors such as the cast, crew, location choices, and production values.

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